Omnifocus files to Dropbox?

Can I move the Omnifocus database files to Dropbox?

The reason I want to do this is because I often want to access my home Omnifocus from my work computer. I own Omnifocus on my work computer as well. My current workaround is to export a copy to Dropbox. The problem of course is that I have to then copy and paste whatever changes I made on that exported file to the file that exists on my home computer. Hope that makes sense.


Hi @medazzaland! Unfortunately, we’ve had some issues with using Dropbox to sync OmniFocus databases in the past, and we don’t recommend it. Placing an OmniFocus database inside a Dropbox folder risks corrupting your data.

May I ask if there’s a reason you’re not using OmniFocus’s built-in sync capability with Omni Sync Server, or with another provider? It seems like that would be ideal for your use case.

Thank you for the quick response, Teki.

I dont’ understand how I’d use Omni Sync Server. My work computer Omnifocus is a different license and therefore has it’s own Sync details. Correct? Please explain how I could do this.

Work Omnifocus: Totally separate database and license.
Home Omnifocus: Totally separate database and license.

Problem that needs to be solved: Ability to edit my home OMnifocus on my work computer and have it sync to my home Omnifocus.


Ah, I see! The separate licenses aren’t really an issue – OmniFocus can sync to any Omni Sync Server account, regardless of how it’s licensed. You could definitely set up an OSS account to sync back and forth between these computers, even though they’re on different licenses.

The trouble is going to be the databases – one OSS account means one shared database, not the two separate databases you currently have. If it would fit in your workflow, you could consider merging these two databases, so you have one database containing both home and work items that syncs everywhere. (OmniFocus has some features, like contexts and the Focus feature, that can help you stay focused on personal items at home and work items at work.)

Either way, at this point I’d recommend you get in touch with our support team, who can help you find a sync solution that works for you!