OmniFocus for Teams

Hi there! I am a long time user of Omnifocus and I LOVE the app!

It helped me to gain more focus and get more done in less time. Because of that, my company grew and slowly I formed a team around me.

But here is the crux. I have to use third-party apps to be able to work together with lists etc. with my team. And I need to manually get all that info into my personal Omnifocus. That is a pain in the **s. ;)

I am now thinking of moving away from Omnifocus and use a different app. Not because I don’t like it, but just because it cannot handle teams.

I red somewhere that the Omni Group will work on team-collaberation for Omnifocus? Is there anyone of the company that can confirm this? And what is the roadmap to that? When will it be available?



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