OmniFocus for the Web


Obviously I’m perfectly okay with adding an additional pricing option which doesn’t remove the current model.
But, pleeeease keep the old way also. I can justify spending even a large chunk of money when a new version comes out, but there’s no way I’d be able to justify $10 a month in perpetuity, especially not when everything I need to do and track would be held hostage.


As the blog post says, the current model of “buy the version” will stick around too - web requires a subscription, but that’s not a surprise :)


As @nicoledb said, read access to custom perspectives would be great to have. If that’s not practical (in the short term), at least FORECAST view is essential to have.


Extra vote from me for Forecast view please.


Yes the only perspective I would like to see is the Forecast so I can tell what is actually due today.


Small question; why is that not a surprise?
The entire OF suite is the same price (in the subscription model) as the web version.

I would think having a software version would be more important to a software house,?
You now basically pay the same for a web frontend to your sync db as for your entire OF suite of apps.

To me that is a definite surprise!


Agreed! The Forecast perspective, at a minimum, is a must!