Omnifocus forecast view

Hi all,
I’m planning on using omnifocus as my new GTD tool, but I first have a question on it that I cannot find any information about…
As I will be on the road a lot, I would also like to track my long-term stuff. Is the forecast-future view handy to see (quiet a lot) items in the longer future (can go up to 3 months, as I need some long term preparations on them…)?
Can someone explain me a bit or maybe show me a screenshot of his future view with lots of items?
On the mac version I saw something like a calenderview, but I guess that won’t be available on iphone…


Hey @kihyeon, great question!

Right now, Forecast on iOS displays a week in a calendar format, and you can tap into the “Future” section to see items that occur further down the line.

As you can see from my screenshot, I don’t use due dates often, so I don’t have many things on the “Future” list.