OmniFocus insists on opening to Inbox

I exit the OmniFocus app while in the Forecast view (whether through backgrounding it or force quitting it–same results either way), then I open it up and 9/10 (10/10?) times it reverts to the Inbox view. Why is this? Isn’t expected behavior (as on OS X) for it to open to the last view? This is on iPhone SE, latest versions of everything.

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Not happening here - sounds odd. Can I suggest contacting the Omni support humans on - they may be able to help

Thanks–will do. It actually doesn’t always do this, but often does.

Similar situation, as iPhone SE. It occurs almost constantly though the main screen sometimes opens.

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I love OmniFocus, but stuff like this (for how many staff they have and how expensive the apps are) is pretty frustrating, especially when a bug goes unfixed for weeks/months at a time.

Are the folks seeing this using App Lock w/ TouchID, by chance? We’ve had some reports that TouchID seems to affect the restore behavior.

Not in my case–I don’t use App Lock.

@dave, any updates here or ETA on a fix?

I’m seeing the behavior too on a iPhone 5S. It’s new. Will try to send a message to support folks about it.

I realize we’re in the midst of a three-day weekend for some, and maybe I’m spoiled by fast response time from other software developers, but I really would hope a fix (if not some dedicated attention and acknowledgement on the forums) might be coming soon on this issue.

Sorry for any disappointment here! Our forums are meant to be a place for our customers to connect and share; the best way to get technical help from us is to send us an email. With that being said, we are trying to figure out the root cause of this issue in the hopes we can get it fixed in a future release.

Thank you for the update, snack. I did send an email to support more than a month ago (January 18) about this issue (with a link to this thread) but never heard back. Glad to know someone is working on the issue, though.