Omnifocus install via Mac App store on two macs

I have a work Macbook Pro and an home iMac and I want to be able to install and sync across both of them (and potentially iPad/iPhone as well). My Apple ID is used on both of them, so am I able to install Omnifocus via the App Store or Omni’s online store onto both of them? And if I upgrade to the Pro version, am I able to get that on both as well?

I apologise if this is question that has been asked before, but I couldn’t find it in the forums/FAQs.


The short answer is yes.

For the Mac App Store, this is the case for any app that you purchase – it can be installed on as many computers as are authorized and using the same Apple ID. OmniFocus is no exception in this case. Ditto for the “Pro” upgrade as it’s an In-App-Purchase (IAP), and works the same way.

In fact, with the new Family Sharing feature in OS X Yosemite, you’ll be able to even share the basic version of OmniFocus across multiple members of your family (with different Apple IDs, but part of your “Family Sharing” group), although in this case the “Pro” upgrade will still only work on your account, as IAPs don’t get shared across Family Members – only the apps themselves.

If you purchase OmniFocus directly from the OmniGroup Store, similar logic applies, although it’s still handled a bit differently. See for details. In short, you can use the software for yourself on multiple computers, or for multiple users of one computer, but not both.