Omnifocus integration with Outlook on Mac - one more time around

I’ve been trying to get OF3 to work with outlook on the Mac such that I could do some kind of drag and drop from Outlook mail to create an OF3 task that will link back to the outlook message. Until today, I’ve had no luck. I was messing around with it again today and found something that gets me most of the way there, and apologies if this is something everybody else but me knew already…

If you are in outlook mail and bring up the OF3 quick entry widget (ctrl-option-space on my machine) and click on the little notes icon on the left side, then you can drag an outlook mail message and drop it into the newly opened notes space and it will create an icon with the title of the email. Then just enter something for the OF3 task name up top and whatever other attributes (project, due date, etc.) you need to organize it and press Save.

When you open the task in OF3 and double click on the link in the notes field, it will take you right back to the original message.

I’m on Monterey 12.4 and running the current version of Outlook Mac and OF3.


Wow - great find. I certainly did not know it worked like that and have been seeking ways to link Outlook with Omnifocus like that for months now. Thank you.

My very brief testing shows that the link survives both the OF Task moving between projects, and the Outlook Mail message moving between folders too.

Nice work ;-)

A bit more info … this seems to create a .eml file within the OmniFocus folder structure which acts as a pointer to the mail message.

Although I haven’t yet found another way to create this link in OF than the one that @groukas covers above, you can then copy/paste that link elsewhere within OF if you wish to.

EDIT: You can drag the email to an existing Task in OF if you show the Notes icon in Outline view and follow the same steps. It doesn’t work if you drag to the Notes field in Inspector view however.

FYI - the same approach works with on Mac (OSX 12.4). Same inability to drag to the notes field in the inspector identified by @thealbs.

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What happens when you subsequently open the task on iOS or iPad OS with either or Outlook available to you?

My company moved to Outlook a few months ago so this is all now a real prospect for me.

Just checked on my iPhone.

The link shows on the Note but when you click it, it just shows the file name but not the mail itself.

I guess this is understandable because it seems to link to a .eml file within OF’s own folder structure on the Mac.

Not ideal but is better than nothing.

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