OmniFocus IOS not outlining

Version 2 had outlining (collapse/expand) topics.
Version 3 does not.

WHY ???

In project and tag view mine still does… maybe the perspective doesn’t show the projects, and can’t expand/collapse?

Mine will collapse/expand on the MAC version, but not on the IOS (iPhone).
And I’m looking at PROJECTS on IOS.

The very top level will collapse/expand, but not tasks below that level.

I do have the option (scrolling down)

it’s a bit weird, but it does work

As noted, on the iPhone (and iPad) you can collapse/expand folders and projects, but not action groups contained within projects/single action lists.

I agree that it would be very helpful to be able to collapse/expand action groups on the iPhone and iPad the way you can on the Mac. I encourage you to contact Omni with this request by opening up Settings and tapping on Contact Omni.

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Yes, that’s true. There are a number of threads where we discuss this and statements from as long as two years ago that Omni is supposedly working on it.

It is a huge usability issue on mobile devices.

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