Omnifocus iOS workflow


I’m desperately trying to find a robust iOS workflow to capture email into OF, and (crucially) link back to the message via url schema to allow me to get straight back to the message thread from the OF entry.

From what I can see, the only iOS client that appears to do that right now is Airmail, but that is also sadly remarkably unstable at the moment. It’s the kind of thing that was seamless and easy to do on OSX.

I’ve searched around and can’t find anything as yet, but I’d really appreciate it if any other users either have the answer to this, or an alternative effective iOS email workflow.

Many thanks!


Just to add to this, i’d like the ability to add the contents of an email to an existing task.

I’ve only had good experiences with Airmail for this, and I’m on the Beta (so would expect more problems.

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The new update seems to have improved things a little, but i still suffer from some freezes/ crashes.
It’s such a great app, i wish i could feel i could totally rely on it!

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There ia an App Called Dispatch that can do it…

Added to that Dispatch can either forward the email to OF, or it can just copy a link, which is useful if you want to attach a link of an email to e.g. A calendar entry

I’m on airmail on ios 10 on an ipad pro, and it’s still crashing every couple of hours, pretty unpredictably.

I’ve emailed Readdle about adding some url schema sharing to Spark (which is lovely) but it’s not on their immediate development path either…

sigh :(