Omnifocus Mac : Next Review date not working?


I’m sorry if this is a silly question…

I’m trying to use the next review date within Review.

I have my review default daily (I know I need it like this!)

If I set a review date of 01/09/15 (UK) I’m still getting it coming back in the review each day, am I missing something silly? Why can I set a review date of a month (or so) and still get it pop up tomorrow?

Thanks in advance


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Have you also marked it as reviewed, using Edit > Mark Reviewed? If not, then OmniFocus is still waiting for this review to be completed, before pushing it forward to the next review period. If you have marked it, and it’s still not going away, please email us, so we can help!

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Thank you for emailing! I’ve just replied; if you have any other questions, please let me know!