OmniFocus not Auto-updating on second machine

I installed the public beta on my second machine, after being part of the primary beta on my primary computer.

While the Mac that was on the private beta is continuing to offer auto-updates, the Mac using the public builds thinks that it is always up to date, even when it isn’t.

For this Mac, I have to go to the public download each time and install over the old copy.

Am I the only one with this problem, and is there a fix?

I am having the same issue.

Sorry about that! It looks like the public test builds were being published to the private test’s software update feed. If you’d previously been using private test builds (as all of us at Omni and many of you were), you’d see the new builds because you were still subscribed to that feed—but if you’d only started with the public test builds last week, you wouldn’t see any new builds.

This should be fixed now; if you’re still not seeing updates, please let us know!

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Thanks, Ken!

FYI, I was using the private test builds, so I am not sure what happened.