OmniFocus - OmniPlan integration

Hey Guys,

I’m new user of OMNI products, so don’t juge me to hard.
As i’m understand Teams/Sharing tasks functionality in OF2 is one of main discussion point now.
What about OmniPlan intergation?
Maybe some of you know how to do it. Let’s say I develop plan in OP. And want tasks to be available in OF2 of all resources I’ve metioned in plan.
Let’s imagin, plan for some software app.
Team composed from five devs and qas.
You plan it in OmniPlan to the task level. Tasks transfater to OmniFocus of team members. As soon as they done - info transfered to OmniPlan, where you can see the progress of overall project and control it easely.

Sorry for confusing text, i’m not English-native.
What do you think about such idea? Is ti real? Could this be done?

Thanks for ones how read it through :)

As of now there is no integration of OmniPlan with OmniFocus. What you envision even goes one step further in putting OmniPlan as the main hub that is distributing tasks to a team using OF to work on them.

While it might be years until we could see stuff of that kind, the concept is really nice. This concept would undoubtedly hinge on the syncing. As long as Omni is still using the current zip file-based sync this is not on the horizon, I guess.

Plus one for this functionality. I have just entered the Omni world and am using Omni Plan. From a portfolio of programs and projects view I could track and status my work packages whilst monitoring at a glance other Project summary tasks from within OF.