OmniFocus & OmniPlan workflows

Can anyone recommend a tutorial site or blog post that would discuss creating a project / tasks in OmniFocus, then exporting to OmniPlan for tracking… Or… getting a project in OmniPlan and exporting to OmniFocus to get my day-to-day focus?

I am interested in seeing use cases on how people use these apps as and end-to-end solution when working projects. Thanks!


I recently purchased OmniPlan and would like the same information.

Same. Been just using google to find things.

I’d like that too. Someone in the OmniOutliner forum said that they import and export from OmniOutliner to OmniPlan and back. So there are definitely people using these in interesting ways. Most tutorials on the Internet are for OmniFocus.

As @Umair mentioned, it’s possible to use an OmniOutliner document as an intermediary step between OmniPlan to OmniFocus. OmniPlan can export to OmniOutliner, and then OmniFocus can import that file.

Going the other way isn’t quite as simple, I’m afraid. OmniFocus won’t export to OmniOutliner, but if you have Omnifocus 2 Pro, then you can use Curt Clifton’s Export View to OmniOutliner AppleScript to create an OmniOutliner document that can then be imported back into OmniPlan.

It is important to keep in mind that while this workflow may be useful for some customers, it is best used for one-way data transfer, and doesn’t work well for round-tripping of data. If you are interested in seeing full collaboration between OmniPlan and OmniFocus, please email us, so we can add you to the open request!


I totally agree - I would love to be able to plan on my Omniplanner and be able to hit a button and have it export directly to Omnifocus…in fact, that is one of the reasons I bought the suite as I thought that cross integration was going to be a selling point - was disappointed when that wasn’t a reality. Can you please put that feature request in for me…OmniPlan > OmniFocus cross integration of tasks. Thanks!

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Editorial app for the iPad lets you create an outline document and export tasks to Omnifocus

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The "skeleton would not be too hard to imagine:

  1. A function that grabs an outlined task-or action list from both omniplan and omnifocus, whichever app you are working in at the time.
  2. Filter functions by headers like date, category or whatever is relevant
  3. Algorithm that compares the different fileversions defined by date last opened and/or modified
  4. Write capabilities to both programs
    There are various apps of this kind for the windows platform (allways sync and 4 Team outlook sync software for example)
    I would imagine that in this day and age where there is an increasing amount of software written on platforms that can be operated both in mac and windows, that it would not be too hard to work out compatible scripts that do the same job in an osx environment. Unfortunately, I have only just started to understand scripting, so I am not( yet) clever enough to come up with a workable draft. Surely, someone out in the crowd would be able to do it?

Hi, There are two big new features that remain from January’s roadmap, and both have to do with collaboration in OmniFocus. sharing linked tasks in OmniFocus, and sharing linked tasks between OmniFocus and OmniPlan. Best Amazon Echo Devices