Omnifocus on an iwatch?

Who uses Omnifocus how on an iWatch? I’m not so neurotic that I need a blood oxygen sensor, ECG, and fitness tracker on my wrist. That’s why I would like to know whether it’s even worth wearing omnifocus on your arm. How do you use the app? Does it bring added value on the wrist? Is it part of your workflow?

Hi Monika. I just got an apple watch following my doctor recommendation to monitor some medical condition I have (maybe I am neurotic too, actually I am sure I am 😊)

Anyway, I find the value of the watch for other purposes, like omnifocus, only if I do not carry my phone with me. If I have my phone with me I find it easier to look at the phone.

Now, if you have omnifocus for IOS already and an apple watch, there’s no cost or harm giving it a try. You can see a summary of your forecast view and you can check off items from this list. I probably wouldn’t buy it if it had cost.

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I’ve tried it a few times and it hasn’t stuck.

I know that there are others who love it though.

I use it all the time (with the complication). Mainly to complete a task when my phone is in my pocket or I’ve set it down someplace.

I use it to capture on my Watch and use it every day. Using the complication, tap to open, then you can long hold the screen, then speak. I also tried Drafts, which is a bit quicker but that then needs the extra steps to get tasks into OmniFocus.

Biggest use case here is the grocery list. Before iOS 14, I could access it immediately even while wearing a mask. iOS 14 fixed that, but still it’s easier than fishing out the phone.

I wouldn’t buy an Apple watch just for that though. But it’s useful in a lot of other ways.

Thanks for the not-so-subtle judgment surrounding everyone else who likes/needs those medical features on a wristwatch. Let my reply be as useful as your post.

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