Omnifocus on apple watch V4

wandering if people like the V3 of omnifocus on apple watch better then V4 i find the UI a lot more intuitive then in the newest version


I’m thinking of buying an Apple watch for use with OF4. Can you add a task to the inBox from the Apple Watch by dictating?

Yes, you can. I see an icon with a plus and an in-tray bottom right of the screen.

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Overall I prefer OF V4 to V3, apart from the slow sync timing that I seem to be experiencing. But I have not enjoyed the Watch experience on V4. I’ve been using V4 for a number of weeks now and have not been able to get Watch V4 to fully sync so it is usable. And I’ve missed the 'number of actions" in my Watch complication as a result. Currently my watch says “last sync’d 4 weeks ago”. Would love to have this working better

Have you contacted our support team at about this? We’d love to help you get this sorted out!

Here are a few starter questions, in case it helps you or anyone else following along:

Is the sync indicator in the top right corner of the watch app currently spinning? If it’s spinning, does it successfully sync (and update its last sync time) if you keep the app open until the spinning stops? If it’s not spinning, does it help to manually press the button to sync?

What does the watch app’s sync log have to say about all this? (You can check it by tapping the Settings icon in the top left, then scrolling down and tapping Sync Log.) Is it reporting an interrupted sync connection?

When I retired out of the military, my life got much more simpler. I switched to Things 3 it. I also work from home, so I don’t really need much. With multiple iPads, computers, watches, and phones, I was’t far from any notification that something was due. But I did notice that the tasks I completed on Friday on my desktop or iPad Things, my apple watch ultra would last the entire weekend without the Things tasks updated unless I opened the app on the watch. I recall that while in Somalia, with very poor wifi, that my watch would update between it and the other devices around me. But this doesn’t appear to be the case any longer.

After the official release of OF 4, I downloaded it again and will be testing it out for the next two weeks. I will keep an eye on my watch to see if it is behaving the same.

Also, I could just be crazy.

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hey I was just looking at my watch and discovered that i had the testflight version installed and that is why it was not syncing. I would recommande reinstalling OmniFocus v4 on your watch and it might sync

Correction: For some reason I still had an early version of the TestFlight installed and that is why it was not looking great. the Regular version looks better.