Omnifocus on iOS (3.05) significant background battery use?

I’ve recently upgraded to 3.05 on iOS on my iPhone 7 and the battery has taken a real hit. For example, if I look at “Battery” in the iOS settings, I see that Omnifocus has taken 10% of my background activity, which is 3 minutes of background. This seems remarkably high. To give some context another app I use has 35mins of GPS use activity tracking with 3 bluetooth devices as well, and 6 minutes using screen on decent brightness is also a similar 10%.

My use case for Omnifocus hasn’t changed, and my battery used to never cause me any concern. In the beta iOS Battery Health I am still operating at peak performance.

Is the above normal, and assuming not, what can I do to reduce the amount of background battery use the Omnifocus is using?

I’m guessing but maybe downloading a new database will force your iPhone to spotlight index the OmniFocus database? That might account for the heavy background usage… it should quiet down after it’s done syncing your database.

Thats a good theory but this is happening +1 week after downloading the new database - so I would have expected Spotlight to have done its thing by then. Thanks for the idea though.

Hmmm… I see 15% on my iPhone 6+ running iOS 12. But I do tend to go in and out of OF3 quite a bit on my iPhone. I see 6% on my iPad Air 2 with iOS 12.