Omnifocus Randomly Hiding

Ever since I updated to Sonoma, Omnifocus has been randomly hiding itself. I believe it only happens when Omnifocus is active and then I click on the window of another application. I can not reproduce this behavior at will, it just seems fairly random, but frequent enough to be frustrating.


I too am experiencing this issue. Mine happens usually when saving a task in the Quick Entry feature. Beta support had filed a bug but I haven’t seen anything about it and I’m running all the current betas.

I’d encourage you to report it using the built in reporting tool in OmniFocus.


Did you turn on Stage Manager? It hides apps that are not the currently active app.

I did. They said it was a problem with Sonoma, which should be fixed in the next Sonoma update. Strange how it only affects OmniFocus for me.

On the latest version, I’m having this issue, too. Reverting to the previous version (v3.11.7) fixed it.

I think this is the same problem as is discussed on OF still close its open window on the top of the hour!. If so, Sonoma 14.1 will fix it. The beta for 14.1 is available, if you want to try that.

To get a window back, right click OF in the dock and choose the window or use OF’s Windows menu. If you create a new window instead, the next time you re-start OF (or reboot), you will have a lot of windows.

I can confirm that as soon as I updated Sonoma to the 14.1 public beta the problem was gone. Thank you for your response. :-)

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I have a script that unhides and activates Omnifocus with the Quick Open prompt (triggered through Raycast) that puts me right back in business, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying.

Thanks for reporting this, I never quite caught it happening directly (it seems to happen at random for me, not connected to any specific UI action) so it’s nice to have validation that I’m not hallucinating :). Reporting seems to suggest an update by Tuesday next week at the latest, so I guess I can wait a few days.

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Hard to be totally sure given the somewhat nondeterministic nature of the problem here, but usually I see it within a couple of hours, so I am reasonably confident if not sure that 14.1 final has resolved the issue for me.

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I have also now installed Sonoma 14.1 and the problem is resolved. For me, it was a bit more regular, I suppose; OF windows disappeared at the top of every hour and occasionally when I completed an action via a notification. Neither of those is happening any more, so I definitely recommend folks seeing this to go ahead and update to 14.1.