Omnifocus + Shortcuts + Siri + HomePod


I have a Shortcut, “Add to Inbox”, which I use to create OmniFocus tasks in the Inbox. It accepts URLs, text, etc through the share sheet and uses that as the title of the task, however if I don’t supply anything (run the shortcut directly) it asks me for the title using the Dictation action.

This works fine when using Siri on my iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. I can say “Hey Siri, Add to Inbox”, I’ll be prompted for the tasks title, and a new task is created, although I get asked if I’m “ready to add the task” which isn’t part of my Shortcut.

However when I try the same thing using my HomePod I’m told “You’ll need to continue this on my iPhone” after supplying the tasks title, the same thing happens if I try “Add New task title to my inbox in Omnifocus” Siri command. Is this a restriction of the HomePod, or is there a setting I need to change somewhere to allow the HomePod to create tasks in OmniFocus?

I’ve checked I’m running the latest version of everything. iPhone and HomePod are on iOS 13.3.1, and I’ve OmniFocus 3.5.1 Pro (v138.11.0) build 2020-02-14 19:48:20 +0000 installed. I’ve also confirmed I’m using new OmniFocus 3.5 “Add Task” action in Shortcuts rather than the Apple “Add OmniFocus Task” action.

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