OmniFocus should sync with CalDAV

Dear Forum,

OmniFocus3 is great, I’m using it for ages and paying for Pro, but…

I think it’s about time for OmniFocus3 to support collaboration and working in teams.
The least I would need to further use this App (I’d love to) is to support CaldDAV sync (both ways).
I’m not the tech-guy, but I think it would be great to have the option to generate a CalDAV Link per “project” or “folder” to share (“r/w” or “read only” optional) just specific parts of my OmnioFocus database.

This would super-charge my OmniFocus and make it fit for the coming years. (Otherwise, I will need to switch to a solution that supports team-work).

Whats your optinion on Syncing OmniFocus with other Clients.
Thanks a lot,

It’s been on the road map for a while, but given Omni Group have invested in their own encrypted sync server setup I doubt a caldav solution will be forthcoming.

Limited collaboration would be useful for some I guess, but adding adding and adding all the features everyone asks for would or will create.a bloated app and history shows these tend to loos e focus and wither

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