Omnifocus Solarized theme

Hi everyone

Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a solarized omnifocus theme (light)?



i just created one.
Solarized light and dark

Hope this will help you!


Thanks so much Teiki! It looks really great!!

It seems to be working fine also, despite getting this error message when importing the light theme

you wouldn’t happen to know how get that theme on OmniFocus for iOS?

Hey laurtza,

thanks for your kind words,
i get this error message in recent OF versions too. Theeming works with keys for every property you can change… it looks like there is a bug or a change within this keys… thanks for your report, i will update this theme asap…

i recently thought about getting themes to ios, we might ask the @SupportHumans about it ;) so is there any planning about getting themes to ios?

Hi Teiki

thanks for your reply. With the solarized theme some of the actions are in blue and some are in gray. Do you see that as well? I wondering if that might be related to the error I got when installing.


Hi Andreas,

no, this is not an error, this is by design, see screenshots in theme sharing thread.
OF 1 had different colors for active tasks and first available active task. This is a actually still the difference between a single action list and a parallel project.

single action: everything is active and first available (everything is blue)
parallel project: all tasks are active, but have a specific order, defined by order in project, so there is a defined first available action (first action in project is blue)

i really like this, so i built the theme that way :)

The error you got, has to do something with the status circle…


Hi Teiki

thanks for your reply. I didn’t realise that but it makes sense now. I don’t really use OmniFocus that way. I use a combination of Single Tasks lists and projects. But my projects are actually more just containers on a large scale, so it doesn’t really work for me. But it’s fine 😊

Best wishes,

Hey @Teiki, we don’t have any specific plans at the moment, but please email us to make sure your vote is added to the feature request we have!

Hi Teiki

do you have a solarized theme for OmniFocus 3 for Mac as well? Or does it work fine with the theme you created for OF 2?

Hey Andreas,

i really tried to make it work, but at the moment i think there is no possibility to customize OF3 the same way as OF2. Maybe the @SupportHumans can help. So is there any possibility to style OF3 in Text and Color? :-)


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I guess not 😉

Not at this time, no. You’re welcome to send us an email asking for this to return though!

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