OmniFocus Split screen

The Omnigroup blog enthuses about how easy it is to add items to OmniFocus with split screen. However the app does not show up among the items that appear when I activate the slide over on my iPad Air 2. Does OmniFocus still need to be updated?

Yes - we’re still waiting for the public availability of watchOS 2, which Apple had to delay for a few days. Once that’s out, we’ll be able to release OmniFocus 2.7, which fully supports split screen multitasking. Sorry for the delay!

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Ok so now we have the updated iOS app, but I still can’t figure out how to get new tasks into the inbox using multitasking! Hope someone explains this on the blog?

Hmm, I’m not quite sure what you mean by “using multitasking” – the ways you get items into the Inbox remain the same. It’s just that now, OmniFocus can appear alongside (or on top of) any other app on the system, so you can…

  • Add items directly while reading an email or browsing the Web
  • Use the share extension in one app to send to OmniFocus, then see those tasks appear
  • Copy multiple lines of plain text out of one app and paste it into OmniFocus, which will convert each line to a task

Does that help explain? If not, our support team might be able to help determine if multitasking can speed up your workflow – shoot them an email!

are you dragging your finger from the right edge of your screen from right to left to get the pane?

If you have two apps that are designed for split-screens, you can use OmniFocus in one side and the other app (such as Mail or Safari) in the other side. Of course, you’ll need an iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 4 to use iOS 9 split screen.

On my iPad mini 3, I can put OmniFocus in the slide-over screen. If I am in another program, I can swipe from the right edge of my iPad from right to left to get the slide-over panel. It covers about 1/3 of the screen. Then I can drag from the top of the screen to the bottom to get the switcher and switch to OmniFocus. Then I can add OmniFocus tasks here.

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So OF3 won’t allow 2 panels I. Split view like OS X version will?

The current iOS does not allow two screens for any one App like OSX does, true. There are rumors that future iOS-versions will allow that.
You can use slide-over or split-screen with OF3 and other Apps, though, and this often works great, depending on the specific combination of Apps.
Within OF3 itself you can use up to three panes (tree, list and details), depending on the screen space available to OF3.

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Thank you - I’m SO frustrated with iOS usability while waiting for OSX OF3 :/ Cheers…