OmniFocus tab behaviour change

Hi all

Has the tab key behaviour been changed? When I tab through the fields of a task in the Fluid view and I get to the due date field, the curser then moves to the Inspector (which I always have open).

It used to move to the next task in the list.

Can anyone help please?


Yes, it has changed and I am a bit lost. Tabbing through to the next item seemed much more intuitive to me.

Also, when I defer an item now to a later date, the focus is set to the part of the list, where the item still is located. I liked it more before, when I stayed at the same place, where the deferred item has been before.

Or is there any secret URL to configure it back to the old behavior?


The tab behavior has not changed for except for those who updated to Sierra. There is a bug on the Apple side which means you can’t select the next item using the tab key. We’ve reported this to Apple.

If you are on Sierra, the best workaround is to use the up/down arrow key to select the next item rather than tab. We are hoping to see a fix in a future Apple update. Unfortunately, this one is a bug with the macOS and not something we can fix on our side.

Hope that the workaround is of some use, and sorry for the trouble.



Thanks Lanette, I have been using the arrow keys. I did think it was an unusual change so I’m happy that this is a bug that will be fixed (hopefully).


I’ve noticed there have been a couple of updates to Sierra but this bug hasn’t been fixed, is there anything that the Omni Group can do to fix it? I’m assuming a large portion of OmniFocus users have moved to Sierra, I’m surprised there haven’t been more complaints.

Any update on this issue. I’m not in love w/using the down arrow as a way to navigate through my Inbox items.