Omnifocus Tabs opened in new windows are a restart

Dear Omnifocus-users

I am being annoyed by following behaviour:

what is really bothering me with OF after a restart is that tabs dont
stick together (but are spread across different windows) after a
restart. I dont get any logic behind this and it seems like a bug for
me. No Mac APP which supports tabs reacts in this way. (just think of
your safari browsers being opened in new windows after a restart…)

I use many different focused tabs for different projects and leave
them open during my whole working session. After a restrart I want to
preserve the state.

I wrote the support about this issue and they said they will look into it.

Out of curiosity, what is your macOS preference for ‘Prefer tabs when opening documents’ set to?

OSX Settings>Dock>Prefer tabs when opening documents>Always.

Tabs work well with any other App after a restart (Safari, Evernote, PDF-Expert…) | OSX Mojave 10.14.6 + Omnifocus 3.4.5

I use the same, but I never close OF :)
One for support to look at.

I also never close OF when Restarting my Mac. I also select to open all previous windows and apps while restart.

Right; same for me. I don’t remember multiple OF windows being created after I rebooted my Mac in the past. Maybe I had only one tab open. I’ll pay more attention to this next time.

Sadly I have this problem since OF supports Tabs. I mentioned it back at then, but nothing changed since now. I find tabs very useful for different perspectives and focuses. It adds suchs a value and speed to my OF-usage.

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