OmniFocus Tag Mapping

Hey, back when tags were first introduced, @kcase tweeted or blogged and referenced somebody’s personal system for organizing tasks into like a map. Does anyone remember this? Anyone know where this is? I think it was from a independent blogger.


This was a blog post from 2012 so I don’t know if it still works in OF3 but the ideas are here…

I do know that I can copy projects and tasks from OmniFocus and paste it into a mind map in iThoughtsX. The nodes will have a URL link that I can click on to return back to OmniFocus.

I’m mostly using mind maps to mark progress on a higher Horizon of Focus. I mostly have the major milestones or subprojects and goals that are needed. The really nitty gritty stuff at the street level are tracked in OmniFocus but the higher elevations are in my mind map.

I’ve been fascinated with the idea of interacting with OF3 projects and tasks in a mind mapping program like MindNode or iThoughts.

I tried the AppleScript and Python code included in the 2012 link above, but not surprisingly, they don’t work with OF3 … Something about SQL changes.

Has anyone seen an updated version of this script?

I dunno. I did see this…

I usually create my mind maps first in iThoughts. I use my mind map to see projects from a higher perspective. The deepest I’ll go in a mind map are milestones to represent phases or goals to be achieved in a project. I create a project in OmniFocus and control-click on the project to copy the project’s URL link. Then I paste the URL link to a node in the mind map.

I put the runway actions in OmniFocus to show the nitty gritty detail of what I need to do to complete the project/milestone. I don’t track it in the mind map.

I’ll review the mind map usually once every 7-14 days to track progress. I might add nodes in each branch to indicate major problems encountered and the solutions found. My project notes are also kept in the mind map.

I haven’t tested this script but maybe someone with scripting talents might be able to decipher it and get it to work?


Just found this thread and as an avid MindMapper using iThoughts, it would be great if I could visualise some of my Omnifocus Projects within iThoughts, I was about to embark on configuring the script but appears it is no longer valid for OF3.

Has anyone found a way of doing this?

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