OmniFocus to OmniPlan Script

Hi is there anybody here with script knowledge that is able and willing to edit this script ?

I want to remove the link the script leaves in the OmniPlan entrence to the OmniFocus Task ?

My mainly use for the script would be to

  • Copy tasks from taskpaper to Omnifocus to OmniPlan ( Omnifocus would only be a middle stop so no need for the link)
  • Copy task from OF to OmniPlan (and delet the task in OmniPlan) so no need for the link

It´s kinda annoying to see the link or having to delet it all the time (specally in bulk imports)

Some time ago I wrote a series of little scripts to keep OmniFocus and OmniPlan in sync.

Over the time, my workflow changed so I don’t use those anymore, but I think you may give it a look.
Take care,

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Thanks Felix

This looks great, cant wait to test it!

But you said youre workflow changed, since Im always open for upgrading my workflow may I adk how it changed from OF and OmniPlan ?

Sure! What changed is that I started to have lots of collaborative projects, so I had to find a way to do collaborative task management, which neither OmniPlan or OmniFocus excels at. Therefore I added Trello to my workflow, which is excellent for task management and communication.
Now I have three layers:

  • OmniPlan for my project management (how a project should run).
  • Trello for managing the tasks of a given project (communication and task management between project members).
  • OmniFocus as a central hub for my own tasks (my own task management on a day-to-day basis).

Now, the link between OmniPlan et OmniFocus is kind of broken since I have a multi-user layer between both (Trello). So I stopped wanting to sync project management (OmniPlan) and task management (OmniFocus). Instead, I now sync Trello (everybody’s tasks) with OmniFocus (my own tasks) using a new script I wrote:

At the moment, this new workflow better fits my needs.


Damm you got Ninja Level workflows 🥷 I like that 👌

I have always been in a little dilemma between with the collaborative tasks (keep that as a separate thing) but it´s nice to know there is an option to pull them into OF. I will definitely look better into that option for my next collaboration.

  • Do you know if there´s any site that has a list of scripts like that? This is the first time I see one like that…
  • Do you have any overview on you´re site of scripts and tricks you use ?

Now I´m just keeping my professional task backlog in Taskpaper and move them in and out of OF as I need.

Regarding OmniFocus and OmniPlan…I really don´t get it why Omnigroup hasn´t made this a default feature regarding OmniFocus and Omniplan (make the two work better together by default)…. but enough of that.

How do you handle things you capture that belong in a plan (OmniPlan/Mindmap) not the task manager ?

  • Do you capture to OF and Push them to OmniPlan ?
  • My workflow would be Drafts-OF-OP

And are you using any mindmaps in you´re workflow? The best option with OF I know of now is Mindnode but it´s not where I want it to be

  • You can pull from it into OF

But if you wanna do some other things you´d have to some extra miles.

  • Put tasks back in to Mindnode from OF (with notes) you would have to use (taskpaper, OmniOutline) since it will not copy the note in OF.
  • Get Ideas from Drafts to MindNode (with notes) you´d have to create Taskpaper, OmniOutliner (import the file) to Mindnode
  • Do you know of any more streamlined options regarding a mindmap planning workflow ?



I think you may be overcomplicating things by wanting to have everything in sync, everytime. I do regularly use some sort of mind mapping tools (I use Scapple) to clear my head when it gets confused, not just in project planification but in many aspects of my research work. But once everything is clear on the mind map, it’s a one way to the next step: OmniPlan. In OmniPlan, I do the proper project planification, with milestones, “big tasks”, assignments, budget, etc. Once it’s done, I share the gantt chart with the team members and then we can actually start working. I update the gantt chart maybe once every two months, I abandoned the idea of keeping the big picture (OmniPlan) automatically in sync with the day-to-day tasks (Trello/OmniFocus), it’s too much work, glitches and surprises. Plus, making this update manually and not that often, it forces me to take a step back and see the project in its ensemble, which is a good thing.

So once the project is running, I really mostly use Trello and OmniFocus on a daily routine.

Good luck!


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