OmniFocus widget for iOS 14

The new widget for iOS 14 is not automatically refreshing at the start of a new day. Is anyone else having this issue? The only fix is to delete the widget and put a new one in its place.

Mine is working fine on IOS

You do know, @cteavin, that widgets’ refreshing is at the whim of iOS?

It might be that latency, or it might be a bug in the widget itself.

@MartinPacker is correct, iOS controls the timing of the refresh of the widgets, depending on how frequently you view each widget or use its app, in order to save battery life.

I’m experimenting with several OF widgets on my homescreens to find what works best for me. I noticed that a ‘Perspective Items’ widget which is in a stack and which I don’t view frequently gets updated less often. For example, I might navigate to it and it was last updated yesterday. A few minutes later I navigate to it again and it has then updated. In contrast, a widget which is alone and which I view frequently will get updated much faster (sometimes just a few minutes after I’ve made changes in the OF app).

So now it’s my turn to wonder about widget refreshing. :-( :-)

It’s been many hours since my widgets refreshed, despite the data having changed in the meantime.

I suspect there might be a bug in OmniFocus or iOS. Possibly somewhere in the “data has changed so refresh the widget” mechanism.

Thanks for the replies. Yeah, it seems to be a refresh issue. Right now it’s inconsistent. Perhaps one day Apple will add something to refresh the widgets more often.

It doesn’t work like that, Widgets are limited in the number of times they can update.

I suspect it’s like Background app refresh and IOS learns the behaviour of the app and refreshes relatively often without exceeding a maximum number.

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