OmniFocus with Merlin Project

Hi all.

I was wondering if anyone uses Merlin with OmniFocus 4. I want to select project milestones in Merlin and send them to OmniFocus as deadlines, either to the inbox or a specific folder, ideally carrying over the dates.

I can’t figure out how to make the script linked here work:

It seems to create just a folder called “Merlin Project import” with a date and time stamp, but there are no tasks in the folder.
I’m wondering if anyone has a successful workflow.

Responding to my own question, in case it helps others, and helps others find this useful script. This is a case of user-error. The tasks were coming into OmniFocus just fine. I was however looking at a perspective that was filtering on “available” tasks. As they were deferred to the future, the folder appeared to be empty.