OmniGraffle 3 Test – outline sidebar or outline operations?

Just to check that I’m not missing something, is it correct that the OG3 iOS test builds don’t have a nested outline sidebar, or the outlining operations of the macOS Edit > Outlining submenu ?

The image on

appears to show a sidebar named Outline, which I am not finding in the current builds, but perhaps that was always a flat list which has now simply been renamed ?

(Or am I just stumbling in my UI ‘discovery’ experiments ?)

You’re not missing anything. The old “outline” name in that screenshot was misleading since it was actually showing the hierarchy of shapes on the canvas, not the connection hierarchy that we show on Mac.

We’d love to bring this feature to iOS to have parity with the Mac feature. Of course, as always, there’s no shortage to the list of things we’d love to do—so please let us know if this is something you’d like to have sooner than later (and please also let us know where it stands relative to other things you’d like to see us add)!

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Thanks - understood, and I think that’s fine -

(Perhaps the logical route to graphic outlining is probably a conversation between two more specialised instruments - an outliner and a Graffle ?

Now that scripting glue can hold that together, the need for outlining within Graffle (on iOS) seems reduced to me, tho I can’t speak for others)

Tho this bug

is still throwing a little sand in those particular wheels :-)