OmniGraffle 5.4.4 creating un-removable folders when autosaving

Hey everyone!
started having an issue with Omnigraffle, only started happening since last friday (10/10)

When Omnigraffle autosaves, it creates a folder instead of just saving over the current file. These folders have nothing in them, and cannot be deleted either. So after a while it just fills the root folder up with these folders.

Anything that I can do to stop this from happening,
Here’s a link to a screenshot for reference


I upgraded to 6.0.5 a few weeks ago but this only started happening in the last few days, around the same time Omnigraffle started notifying me that the volume does not support local storage when i close the file. I have 75 empty folders in one project folder alone.

Hey @sharni, I found upgrading to the latest Osx (10.10) fixed this issue for me. If not, I suggest contacting the support crew, they should be able to give you some more advise