OmniGraffle 7.16 public test builds - New file format!

We have started public testing of 7.16 that adds a new single file format as the default. This is a zipped version of the package format so it performs much better than the previous single file format when attachments are involved. It also solves the issue of trying to sync the previous default file format with attachments to Dropbox, Box, and other sync providers that don’t support file packages.

We would love to get your feedback on the experience of using this new format and the file upgrade process. Please be aware this new file format can only be opened in OmniGraffle 7.16 for Mac and OmniGraffle 3.14 for iOS and later. Existing files can continue to be saved in the old formats and all old formats are available as export options. Testflight builds of iOS will be available soon. More details are available in the release notes.

Thank you!