Omnigraffle 7 crappy pdf export

Hi, I’m still having issues in OG 7.5 concerning pdf export.
This was an issue with previous versions of OG and has persisted throughout the latest version, be it on Sierra or High Sierra…

When I right click and paste an image as pdf, it yields distorted results, either by pasting it in the OG document, or creating a new document in preview. On the other hand, when I export the same selection in OG as a pdf, it yields a normal result, but this means one more step for me…

Could anyone tell me what’s the reason of this behavior and if I can await any fix for this ?

Sorry to hear copy/paste has been causing trouble.

If you are pasting into MS Office, there is a known issue that started in Sierra with the Universal Clipboard with using MS Office applications. If you are encountering that issue, the same image from a web browser pasted into Office should have the same distortion. There is a workaround that Microsoft Support has offered at This problem impacts all MS Office applications and not just Excel. Please contact Microsoft and request a solution to this issue if that is the problem you are seeing.

If you are not pasting into an MS Office application, you may be seeing an issue we are not aware of. If so, please reach out to us by choosing Contact Omni from your help menu. If possible, please include a sample document that reproduces the problem you are seeing including where you are pasting to.


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