Omnigraffle cannot move multiple objects at a time

Often when I select multiple items I cannot drag move them all. How do I allow drag moving of multiple objects? if I have 2 rectangles sharing an edge, then I would like to move one rectangle leaving the other fixed (but the attached edge would move)

I’m not sure I follow. Could you post a screen shot or an example document? Are you talking about objects inside of a group? I’m glad to help, but I just didn’t understand the situation.

Sometimes if I am moving a lot of separate objects - especially on a complex move - I will group the items I want to move instead of just dragging the selection. Give me more options and finer control during the move.

I’m not quite sure what you are wanting to do in the second sentence. Do you want to move one rectangle and resize the one touching it?

stellico.graffle (8.1 KB)

I want to move say just the top triangle or really just multiple nodes/ edges at a time rather than moving everything separately .
also I find I cannot move the even the entire connected (bottom part) at the same time . how do I allow this for graffle?

Shift + Click on the parts you want to move until you have the selection. Then you can drag or use the arrow keys to move it. You can also drag out a selection to pick the part you want to move. Because it is an object with no fill, be sure when you click and drag you are right on the line or object. You may need to zoom in to do this.