Omnigraffle crash when selecting template from Resource Browser

I have two templates I designed in Omnigraffle saved to my Resource Browser. Yet every time I try to open them, the program immediately crashes. Any work-arounds/fixes would be much appreciated.

Sorry to hear about the trouble. If not confidential, please send us one of the templates at so that we can isolate the problem. When you open the templates, you should be prompted to send in a crash report. If you email in a crash report when prompted, we can check the crash log to get some clues about the cause.

It would also help if we know what version of OmniGraffle you are using and which operating system version you are using it on.


  1. Remove the crashing templates from the resource browser so that you can launch again. They will be somewhere like /Users/username/Library/Containers/com.omnigroup.OmniGraffle7/Data/Library/Application Support/The Omni Group/OmniGraffle/Templates
  2. If you are able to send us the templates, we may be able to determine the cause of the crash.
  3. If you can open these templates on another machine or in an older versions of OmniGraffle, try splitting a copy of the document in half until you isolate which canvas is causing the crash. Then isolate which graphic(s) are causing the issue by removing half of them from the canvas. This kind of isolation is generally how we can tell what part of a template is causing a crash if the crash log isn’t enough to tell us by itself.

Sorry for the frustration. Feel free to call us if you need help more urgently at +1 206-523-4152 or 800-315-OMNI from Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm PST.


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