OmniGraffle for iOS on iPad Crashes on start

I upgraded to iOS 12.4 this week and now OmniGraffle “reliably” :-) crashes on startup.

This is true for my original iPad Pro 12.9” but not for my iPhone 10S MAX.

Has anyone else seen this? How to debug?

(It was an interesting, fiddly, experience creating diagrams on a plane on the iPhone.) :-)

Unfortunately, we needed to put out fixes for this twice. Sorry for the trouble. Please grab our latest version of OmniGraffle iOS from the App Store. You can now launch and create documents with iOS 13 Beta 7. Please report any issues you find.



Thanks. Deleting and reinstalling the app fixed the problem - so some kind of corruption.

Note: This was on 12.4, not a 13 beta.

Sorry for the error there! You are correct there is no known crashing on start for OmniGraffle. If you see that again in iOS 12.4, please reach out to us in Support and we will work with you to resolve it.

Thanks for the note and glad you are up and running again!