OmniGraffle Migration Script Packaged > Flat

Hey all I wanted to personally thank the Omni Group for all their hard work, the support team is outstanding! Christian helped me above and beyond develop an Apple Script that would migrate any ‘Automatic’ or ‘Save as file package’ OmniGraffle Documents/Stencils to ‘Save as flat file’. We needed this for our team because we were moving to OneDrive and the other formats are not very friendly w/ Windows. To use this script do the following:

  1. Launch script
  2. Point to the directory you want to process (this includes all sub-directories)
  3. Click ‘Open’

This will start the script. The script isn’t perfect, sometimes it will encounter an error and stop but for the most part, a lot of that has been considered during the processing. Again, Christian did an excellent job.

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