Omnigraffle now unuseable?

Latest release: 7.9.4 has become almost unuseable. I’ve used OmniGraffle for 10 years at least and now find this latest release almost impossible to work with.

I click on one handle of an object and it collapses the object into some unrecognizable shape that I can’t get back to it’s original shape or reposition as I want.

Documentation doesn’t seem to address this and is not helpful.

Any suggestions?

That does not sound expected or like a known issue at all. Please contact us in support and if possible include a document that shows the issue. If you choose Contact Omni from the Help Menu, you’ll get the option to replace all of the letters in your file with the letter x so that example omits text for privacy.

Sorry to hear about the bad experience and I hope we can figure out what is going on and get this resolved.



I’ve sent the file.

Groups don’t move together any more! This release is a mess!!!