OmniGraffle Pro 6 - Setting up page attributes

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I am trying to change the PAGE (not canvas) attributes in Page Set Up from mm to pixels or inches but the input box only allows me to enter in mm as this appears to be the default. I have googled this and seen many posts about changing the Canvas from mm to inches etc and this isn’t the problem. I am wanting to change the PAGE set up and you should be able to specify mm, cm or whatever.

Can this be changed from mm???

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It’s a System setting, not one in OmniGraffle.

Open System Preferences and choose Language and Text. There’s a tab there for Region. The region selection sets system defaults for date format, number style, and so forth. There’s a pull-down menu at the bottom of the panel for Measurement Units. The setting there controls the units in Page Setup (and presumably elsewhere). Mine offers US and Metric as choices, with US as the default. (I’m in the US.) Your region and country may have Metric as the default, or perhaps the setting was changed at some point. Change it to US, and you should get inches for page size in Page Setup. (The menu choices may vary with country, but I assume one of them will give you inches.)

Some of the information I just gave varies by OS version. My post described the situation in 10.8

In 10.7 the tab in Language and Text preferences is called Formats.

10.9 the System Preferences panel is called Language and Region and you have to click the Advanced… button to get to the Measurement units setting.

Thanks for the answer…spot on! Nice one thanks!!