OmniGraffle Pro 7 Learning and Books

Hi there,

I am new here, and new to OmniGraffle. I’ve purchased it lately, and wondering if there is an online learning website who provide such a thing.
Also, I am interested in reading more about this product, I’ve already downloaded OmniGraffle 7 Reference Manual, but wondering if there is a more thorough step by step learning publication?
I appreciate any help.


I guess that you already have seen that there also is a Getting started-book available in the manuals section on the Omni Groups website?
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Again, with powerful, sophisticated software like OmniGraffle, we need training manuals or videos that walk us through, to be professional users. You can’t assume that every user is with equal knowledge. Users like myself, need to learn step by step from basic to advance to know and gain more knowledge and skills to be able to benefit from such powerful software. I think the only drawback of OmniGroup is they don’t pay attention to train the users professionally or let others produce training materials to help us.

I did see something on

I can imagine that if there is enough demand, blogger MacSparky might be interested in making a video field guide for OmniGraffle. But you’d have to ask him that question.

Even though we have a tool such as OmniGraffle to design charts, it also helps to have a background in design and graphic art.

There are aa few youtube videos scattered. Some are for older versions of OmniGraffle but the concepts should still be there for you.

And the best way to learn is to have a project that requires OmniGraffle and do it yourself. Learning on the job is often a painful birthing process but sometimes need to get you where you want to go.

Well, I don’t think I would learn how to use an application from previous versions, you are referring to OmniGraffle version 6 and below, and learning the hard way (in job training) is applicable if there aren’t resources to do so, but even so, companies like OmniGroup if they are not willing to do it them selfs they have to let others do it for them, at least it will increase the number of customers.

I don’t think I’ve heard Omni stopping other companies from making training videos. It would have to be up to other sites such as or to make video training series. Perhaps asking them if there have been any interest in creating new OmniGraffle video tutorials will spark an interest for them to make a new product?