Omnigraffle slow with images?

Is anyone have Laggy UI with images? All i’m doing is placing a handful of images, with each less than 200kb and connecting them to tables. No complex vector graphics. Is this normal? I have a new mac pro. Zooming and panning around does not feel smooth at all. Is this just me?

That does not sound expected, especially when using just a handful of images. Please check your version to make sure you are on version 7.3 or higher in the About OmniGraffle dialog. We did have a problem zooming and panning in some documents in earlier OmniGraffle 7 versions that we have since addressed in the OmniGraffle 7.3 update. If you are using OmniGraffle 7, but not the latest version, please update to the latest version to see if that solves the issue.

If you are using version 7.4 or higher and are still seeing poor performance, it would be very helpful if you are able to send in an example document. If you choose Contact Omni from the help menu, you can include a document and check to anonymize it (which will replace your text while still including the images.)


Yea. Its smoother on 7.4 . But i work between illustrator and omnigraffle. The difference is very noticeable. Also, omnigraffle is very smooth without images. Or am i using omnigraffle wrong? Should i avoid placing images?

Or maybe it handles some files better than others? PDF is a terror to work with in omni.

Please send us an email using Contact Omni from the help menu so that we can look into this issue in more depth. If you are able to attach an example document that shows the slowness, it may help us identify the problem and suggest solutions. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this slowness.