Omnigraffle to Visio

I have found the exporting of Omnigraffle to Visio to be very unusable. I’d rather prepare my drawings in Omnigraffle and export them to a Visio file, which is required by my clients. Unfortunately, the resulting Visio file has MANY incorrect objects and additional strange behavior (e.g., objects change shape when moved, lines are anchored to random spots, text is upside down, groups are corrupted). Does anyone have anything tips on drafting OG drawings that convert better to Visio?

Sorry for the trouble! We are happy to help. Please send us a sample that shows the problems. If you choose Contact Omni from the Help menu, there is a choice to include a document. You can also anonymize it if the text is confidential, which will replace the text with the letter x. Hopefully we can offer some helpful suggestions.

This visio formatting issue for Omnigraffle --> Visio is a real pain in a corporate environment where we’re trying to work with windos afflicted co-workers.

Are there other alternatives, such as exporting into a third format that’s supported by both of you – CAD for example?

The absolutely last thing I want is to be forced to use that microsoft crapp by some corporate ms fan.

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If you haven’t yet, please let us know specifically what’s failing and if you can provide any example documents that would help immensely. I do not believe there’s any better compatible format you can use. Thanks!

I’ve submitted many examples of Visio conversion errors. The answer I received was that Omni intended to improve the conversion, but that MS’s Visio format is not standardized, it’s subject to change, and it’s very difficult/impossible to import/export accurately. Like Wibs, I continue to hope for improved accuracy and/or reasonable workarounds.