omniJS Bug - the .collapsed property setter is a joker in the pack :-)

While the getter function of the Subgraph .collapsed property works fine, the setter misfires, giving the expected return value, but having the opposite of the requested effect, on both the canvas and the property state. An API with a sense of humour and independence :-)

( or perhaps just a momentary confusion between imperative and declarative modes ? )

Reproducing the bug

If we start with an expanded Subgraph:

We can read its Subgraph.collapsed property correctly, but …

Versions footnote:

This bug affects current builds on both macOS and iOS:

macOS : 7.4 (v179.8 r291433)
iOS : 3.0 (

The underlying problem is that the Subgraph.collapsed setter is ignoring the value being assigned: instead, it always toggles the collapsed state of the Subgraph. (So, until this is fixed, one workaround would be to check whether the .collapsed state already matches what you want before setting it.)

Thanks for reporting this! This is now fixed on the trunk (Mac v7.5, iOS v3.2) as of r292842.

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