omniJS - Copy As JS loses headMagnet tailMagnet settings

If a link is attached to two specific magnets:

The code generated by Copy As JS is (in 7.5 test (v181.3 r293120)) losing those specific attachments when run – the link reroutes to whichever pair of magnets are closest.

It turns out that that a fix / workaround is to reorder the code lines. The .head and .tail properties need to be specified before (and not after) .headMagnet and .tailMagnet.

( Various other properties also seem to be sensitive in this way to code order. Text properties are lost if they are specified before text content, for example )

UPDATE Reading the release notes, I notice that the clearing of text properties when a text string is assigned has been fixed now.

Perhaps the clearing of .headMagnet and .tailMagnet settings when .head and .tail are set is also not by design ?

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Thanks for diagnosing and reporting the problem! We’ll fix it.

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