omniJS – not yet possible to read / write note field?

Am I right in thinking that omniJS doesn’t yet give us any access to the note field of an outline row / item ?

In the omniJS API to OmniOutliner, the Item object has .topic and .state properties, but the documentation suggests that we don’t yet have a .note property, and this seems to be confirmed by listing the property names of the Item prototype:

Beyond special properties for built-in fields like these, the only other omniJS route to item field values is (as far as I can see) through the Item.valueForColumn() and Item.setValueForColumn() getter and setter methods, but these both require a column reference, and here again the route to an item’s note appears to be blocked – ColumnArray.byTitle() only returns a column reference in exchange for a title string, and the note field, like the state field, has no title …

(or, in terms of omniJS, the topic and note fields both return only empty strings to the Column .title property)

Perhaps I am missing something, or are OO5 notes beyond the reach of omniJS at the moment ?

OO 5.1.1 (v181.17.7 r293373)

(I don’t think, incidentally, that we can assume that the Note field will always be in the same position in the ColumnArray – as far as I know, column order is mutable)

Got it ! Forgive me for slowness …

Outline.noteColumn :: () -> Column