OmniJS Plugin for Placeholder Templates?

I’ve been doing some digging and learning more about Omni Automation plugins but haven’t found this one yet. Anyone know if this exists?

I’m currently using OmniFocus for managing editorial content and merely need to reuse templated projects. Thus, I’m looking at doing it cross-platform. Which means I’m also looking at porting over some of my AppleScripts to OmniJs. I’m very likely to do that on some of my live streams in the near future. 😉


Are your templates in Taskpaper format?

I have this one:

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They’re not. But it’s easy to make them so. I found @rosemaryjayne’s Drafts actions around this that seem to work really well.

The more time I spend with this, I think it would make sense to have Taskpaper text files that a plug-in accesses and replaces before adding. Does that version exist? Haven’t found it yet.

Example of to create a template project:


Hi Joe (and anyone else who may be interested in this)

Late to the party, but I also have a work-in-progress based on Curt Clifton’s AppleScript here: