OmniOutliner 2.2 for iPad now available!

OmniOutliner 2.2 for iPad has been released! It adds support for intra-document row links created in OmniOutliner 4.1 for Mac, updates the MS Word export, and fixes some style bugs.


  • Row linking — Row links created in OmniOutliner 4 for Mac will function for jumping to other sections of the document.


  • Word Export — A number of updates and fixes have been made to the Microsoft Word DOCX export:
    • The Outline view is now the default instead of Print Layout.
    • Row numbering support has significantly improved. Under most circumstances it should match the numbering you see in OmniOutliner. If row numbering is used, rows will be indented to keep the numbering readable. Note– MS Word only supports up to nine outline levels, so, for level 10 and deeper, any row numbering will be inserted at the beginning of the line as normal text and may not correctly align with the other outline levels.
    • The outline column will always be the exported column instead of the left-most column.
    • Fixed a bug with exporting font colors of certain values.
    • Multiple identical URLs in a document should now export properly.
    • Fixed a bug with preserving some linked attachments.


  • Styles — The New rows use peers’ style setting should now always behave predictably when on. Named styles will no longer carry over to the sibling when it is unchecked.
  • Styles — Fixed a bug with text not appearing at the correct size after pasting.

We love hearing from you! You can reach us by tapping Contact Omni in the gear menu (found in the document browser), sending email to, tweeting to @OmniOutliner, or calling 1-800-315-OMNI or +1 206-523-4152.

The link ‘available on the app store’ does not work.

Thanks! It’s been fixed.