OmniOutliner 4.2 public test builds are now available

Test builds of OmniOutliner 4.2 are now available! This release is focusing on a Yosemite UI update and bug fixes. OS X Yosemite (10.10) is now required.


  • User Interface — OmniOutliner has undergone an interface update in order to make it look more at home on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Some work is still in progress.
  • updated - Resource Browser — Thumbnail images used in the resource browser are now cached on disk making interactions with it much quicker.


  • Exports — The Keynote export has been removed. This export wrote out to the Keynote version 1 format which is no longer supported by the latest Keynote version.


  • Stability — Fixed an issue that prevented some files with an unsupported style attribute from loading.

  • Upgrading — When entering an OmniOutliner Pro license, it will no longer be required to relaunch to enable AppleScript.

  • Stability — Fixed a crash that occurred when typing more than two digits into the “Spaces between columns” preference.

  • Notes — When notes are being viewed in-pane, the note icon on the row will correctly indicate if a note exists.

  • Export — The way conflicting attachment names are dealt with has been changed. Certain characters in file names will also be replaced. This allows supported image formats to always properly export to the MS Word docx format. Existing documents with such attachments just need to be re-saved to adopt these changes.

  • Export — Exporting while focused should now properly export.

  • Templates — The first page customized header has been removed from all built-in templates.

  • Templates — Some templates had unnecessary clear background fills applied to parts of text. This has been removed to avoid any such styles from unknowingly propagating to other content.

Was I just imagining it, or did one of the builds have an export to .xlsx format? I found it extremely useful (much better than the .csv option), and now it seems to have disappeared.

** hand wave ** This is not the export you are looking for ** end hand wave **

There was briefly on accident, yes. That export is not yet ready to be released, sorry.

Not to be contrary, but it seemed ready to me, based on my experience using it. Like I said, far more useful than the .csv export.

Export to xlsx is nice but I would happily settle for .csv as it would make it easier to share content while preserving content in a column format.

How to get xlsx exporter now that it’s been removed during the beta? Was working great for me, is it still available?

It will be released soon as a standalone plug-in until we’re ready to add it in an update.

The Excel plug-in is now available here. Note this will only work with the 4.3 which is currently still in beta.

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