OmniOutliner 4.6.1 no templates in resource browser

I have been using OmniOutliner for a while, and had no problems. Now suddenly when I open the application the resource browser is blank and shows no templates.

How may I remedy this?

I am running Mac OS high Sierra.

Many thanks!

I’m sorry I don’t have any specific help for you, but if I’m not mistaken, you’re asking about OmniOutliner, not OmniFocus. If you post in the OmniOutliner area of the forums, someone may know how to help you.

You are correct! I did mean omnioutliner!

I’ve moved this post to the OmniOutliner area.

Do you have the Templates header in the left sidebar of the Resource Browser selected? It could be a selection issue.
If the templates were actually deleted somehow, you can restore them all by clicking on the Gear menu (left of the Cancel button) > Restore > Restore All

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