Omnioutliner 5 - cursor color

I have been really enjoying the beta! However, with the improved themes I was wondering if there is any chance of a cursor style preference. I have been using my own Solarized Dark and Atom Dark themes that look great… but I can’t see the cursor (black on black). I would love to see the options to change cursor color and shape (block like Terminal or non-blinking, etc).

Any one else looking for this feature? I only found one other thread from 2014 about this.

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I stopped using the app due of the lack of this feature. Many other tools have it (IA Writer, etc), please bring it to OmniOutliner. It’s not even a new feature request, it’s a bug report - long time no resolution -, since the big advertisement behind the application is precisely its power of customization. That is not delivered to the extent that, when the user decides to have a dark background, the program becomes unusable.