OmniOutliner and Family Sharing - Will my daughter be able to use this


Can anybody sort this out for me. Since OmniOutliner is free to try with possible in-app buy will my daughter be able to use this if I upgrade to Pro or Essential? We have Family Sharing set up. And this is a great excuse to buy more expensive apps and to form her into using quality products.

Thanks in advance


I would recommend purchasing directly from Omni instead, but you could contact the sales team to double check!


Thank you, Rosemary, but I don’t think it is possible to buy for iOS outside of App Store.

If I don’t get any answers I will definitely ask the sales team.

I still have the old version, so I can always hang on to that for now. But if Family Sharing is on I will just buy.


Whoops, I missed the iOS classification!


Unfortunately, In-App Purchases can’t be shared with other family members. Hopefully Apple will revisit this policy in the future.