OmniOutliner Bugs / Improvements

Hi there.
I use OmniOutliner on iOS and macOS a lot and like it so far. I have to say, I produce quite long outlines. Sometimes I struggle with the iOS APP and I would like to post two suggestions here to make the APP better. Hopefully someone from OmniGroup can pick them up for further improvement.

  1. The Keyboard Shortcuts are not similar on iOS and macOS. Eg. to split a row at the cursor postition you have to use CRTL-CMD-Return on iOS, but CRTL-SHIFT-Return on macOS. Can be a bit irritating when using the apps on both systems. Can you streamline the shortcuts?
  2. If you set a row to automatic width, opening the inspector causes the outline to jump on iOS. I understand, with automatic width the outline gets longer as the width is reduced by opening the inspector. Nevertheless I have to search the row I was currently working on each time. This can be quite frustrating especially with long outlines. The jump is bigger the further down in the outline I’m currently working. Can you get rid of the jump?

Thanks, farath

feature requests are handled by directly contacting omni support. they’re likely to be overlooked or ignored here. you can use the ‘contact omni’ item at the bottom of the drop down help menu in outliner for mac. if they get enough support or other users requesting your feature. they may include it in the future.

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The shortcut on macOS is actually just CTRL-Return. It used to be the same on iOS, but iOS 9 broke CTRL-Return from being usable as a shortcut as it just registered as a plain Return. We filed a bug with Apple about this and added an additional shortcut of CTRL-CMD-Return so there was a useable shortcut. If this bug is ever fixed in iOS, CTRL-Return will automatically start working again for split row.

Thanks, Derek!